We Retrofit Old Wet Process Systems

Complete Retrofit Solutions

  • Control Systems Modifications and Upgrades
  • Process Upgrades
  • Robotic Transfers System Upgrades
  • Safety Upgrades
  • Peripheral Equipment Additions

Retrofit, Upgrade, and Repair Solutions for Systems

  • Akrion/SMS
  • Amerimade
  • BPS
  • DNS
  • SEZ
  • SPEC
  • SCP
  • Santa Clara Plastics
  • Semitool
  • TEL
  • Ultra Fab
  • Universal Plastics
  • Universal Systems
  • Verteq
  • Others

Machine Control System Retrofit

Control System:The entire control system (including analog, digital, temperature, and motion control) would be replaced by our standard control system architecture, which would be a Mitsubishi Q Series or L Series PLC with the required I/O modules, temperature control, and motion control modules.